Monday, August 10, 2015

The Advantages of Deck Maintenance Professionals

The Advantages of Deck Maintenance Professionals 

As the site of countless backyard barbecues, neighborhood get-togethers and other outdoor shindigs, your deck is quite the hotspot throughout the fall, spring, and summer months. Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions and excessive use can leave your deck looking filthy and rundown. This where deck maintenance professionals come in. To keep your deck in prime condition year-round, enlist the aid of these seasoned deck-care experts.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

If your deck has accumulated a fair amount of dirt, mud, and assorted grime, it runs the risk of developing mold or mildew. Luckily, you can nip this problem in the bud by having the deck power washed each year. Not only will periodic power washes curb the formation of mold and mildew, they’ll leave your deck looking like new.  

Water Damage Protection

If you live in an area prone to heavy snow or rainfall, your deck is at significant risk for water damage. Severe water damage stands to leave the newest deck looking old and worn. With this in mind, make a point of having your deck sealed or stained annually. This will prevent moisture from penetrating the wood and help the deck maintain a youthful appearance. Anyone looking for fast, affordable deck staining in St. Louis is urged to call X-Stream Power Wash and Paint.   

Personal Safety

Severe splinters are a cause of concern throughout the spring and summer months, when bare feet are in abundant supply. To ensure that your family, friends and neighbors remain splinter-free, have the deck professionally sanded at the beginning of each spring.   

In the face of extreme weather and messy houseguests, keeping your deck in top form may seem like an uphill battle. However, with a crack team of maintenance professionals in your corner, you should have no trouble preserving your deck for the foreseeable future.